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Dock Equipment

If you need high quality dock equipment shipped right away, you have found your source at A Plus Warehouse. We sell excellent quality and value loading dock equipment made by Vestil, Bluff, T &S, Magline and others. In ordering portable loading dock equipment it is important to know you are working with a reputable dealer who can handle your business.

Dock Boards
Dock Boards
Dock Plates
Dock Plates
Shipping Container Ramps
Shipping Container Ramps
Ideal for loading and unloading
containers to ground level
Wheel Chocks
Wheel Chocks
Dock Levelers
Dock Levelers
Dock Lifts
Dock Lifts
Dock Seals
Dock Seals
Loading Dock Equipment
Loading Dock Equipment
Dock Barricade
Dock Barricade
Trailer Lock
Trailer Lock
Dock Bumpers
Dock Bumpers
Dock Equipment Video
Dock Equipment Video

A Plus Warehouse has been selling dock equipment for many years , and our sales people are regarded as among the best in the industry. We have a clear philosophy - Give the customer enough information to make his purchase within 2 minutes of looking at our site. Customers are very busy, and do not have the time to get a full education on everything they order. Our site is very simple, providing enough detail to order, but no so much to confuse or scare away our customers. A Plus Warehouse customers reward this revolutionary philosophy by ordering from us, therefore allowing us to provide great service to all our customers.

So what do we mean by loading dock equipment? Clearly, your loading dock is a very important aspect of your operation. With an inefficient loading dock, trucks back up in receiving - and goods being shipped back up into your distribution facility. Both of these outcomes don't tend to make you additional money - these are costly bottle necks, to be fixed immediately. Following are some semi automatic items of loading dock equipment that we sell which not only increase efficiency and therefore throughput, but also add to worker safety - which must always be a prime concern.

Automatic dock levelers - allow your loading dock to be mechanically lined up with your trucks saving the time and effort it takes to deploy a truck dock board. We also sell truck activated dock levelers - a specialized piece of loading dock equipment that uses the trucks force to raise a leveler and drop it right into the trailer - no effort for the worker at all! This saves about 5 minutes over a mechanical dock leveler and 20 minutes over a dock board.

A mechanical trailer lock latches to a truck's ICC bar, not letting the truck move when a forklift operator is still working. The trailer lock takes literally no time to deploy, as the truck bar is automatically grabbed when the dock is contacted. This saves at least 10 minutes per load and unloads - 12 times per day would equal 25% of an entire working day. Comparing 25% of an annual paycheck to a $4,000 piece of equipment shows the equipments value clearly. Additionally, forklift operators sometimes forget to chock wheels, or may even skip the procedure - because 'it can't happen to me' attitude on industrial accidents.

Other dock equipment includes strip doors, trailer jacks, foreman desks, platform trucks, expanding conveyors, and packing benches. Count on A Plus Warehouse for our expertise in loading dock equipment. Not only do we have professionally trained staff in all aspects of loading dock equipment and material handling equipment, but said staff is very customer oriented being firmly of the opinion that we are not happy until you are.

Call us at 800-209-8798 if you have any application requiring loading dock equipment - you will be pleased by the A Plus Warehouse difference.

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