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Dock Boards

Dock boards are very important to the overall safety of your loading dock. A Dock board from A Plus Warehouse is constructed of Aluminum or Steel, and most importantly has a curb – either bolt on or welded. The curb is very significant. A Forklift weighs thousands of pounds and therefore has significant momentum as it moves. If a lift truck veers of an uncurbed dock plate, disaster can ensue. Over 100 lives were lost in the US in 1997 due to forklift accidents. A few hundred dollars can save a life.

Speedy Boards
Easy to Use Dock Boards
The Speedy Board ® Extra Heavy Duty With Unique Front Loading opening
Aluminum Dock Boards With Steel Curbs
Aluminum Dock Boards With Steel Curbs
Popular Traditional Dock Board
Many Sizes In Stock
Red Pin Dock Board
Red Pin Dock Board
Pins Secure Truck and Dock Side - Ultimate in Safety
Blue Pin Dock Board
Blue Pin Dock Board
One Pin Per Side Vs Two for Red Pin Unit
Rugged Aluminum Dock Boards
Rugged Aluminum Dock Boards
Steel Truck Dock Boards
Steel Truck Dock Boards
Steel Yard Ramps
Steel Yard Ramps
Rugged Aluminum Dock Boards
Rugged Aluminum Dock Boards
Wheel Risers
Wheel Risers
Shipping Container Ramps
Shipping Container Ramps
Ideal for loading and unloading
containers to ground level
Fracking Ramps
Fracking Ramps
Safely drive trucks over pipes in the oilfield
Our Fracking Ramps are designed and fabricated in TEXAS
Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard
Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard
Aluminum Dock Board
Aluminum Dock Board
Dock Equipment Video
Dock Equipment Video

The function of steel truck dock boards is fairly obvious. The Dock board bridges the gap between the end of you dock and the truck that you are loading or unloading. Drop the dock board in place, then you can safety load and unload the truck. However, there is one very important step to implement before deploying any dock boards. Many accidents happen when a trucker pulls away from a dock thinking the loading or unloading is done, but there is still a forklift operator in the truck.

The least expensive solution to this problem is using wheel chocks. When a truck's wheels are chocked, it can not move. An operator controlled stop light is another. The best solution is a mechanized truck bar grabber. A Plus warehouse sells the ICC bar restrainer - virtually locking the truck into place until the forklift operator hits a button and releases the clamp.

Further on the application of dock boards, some prefer aluminum dock boards. Aluminum is quite a bit lighter than steel, and not much weight capacity is lost for this weight saving. There are a few families of product to consider. We have product produced by Bluff, Vestil, and Magline as well. We sell integrated as well as bolt on curbs. Customers have their own preference on curbs - we just insist that curbed dock boards are used in forklift and power pallet truck operation. A Plus Warehouse feels so strongly on this, that we will no knowingly sell a hand dock plate for powered application, even if the plate capacity is adequate. With us, safety trumps all. Bluff makes a blue pin and red pin dock board. These are unique as no other dock boards allow you to lock the unit in position. The red pin has a continuous strip on either side for the greatest range of usability. The blue pin model has 2 mini strips, limiting the range slightly, but still better than the traditional board.

There are some issues to keep in mind in ordering a dock board from A Plus Warehouse. Is this a hand truck application? If so, you should save money and order a dock plate. What is your capacity including the forklift. Lowest capacity is 6,000 pounds, and the heaviest duty standard board will have a capacity of 20,000 pounds. 30,000 pound capacity and more is available by special order. Do you prefer Aluminum or Steel? Do you want lifting loops for easier positioning by forklift? Finally, what is you maximum height differential below and above the dock? Dock boards are designed with fixed leg lengths and a lip. We publish allowable height differentials. To exhibit an absurd case, a forklift can't move on a 30 degree angle. A typical differential is about 10 inches, and it varies by the type of equipment you operate. A propane powered forklift has a different length than a powered pallet truck, obviously.

A Plus Warehouse is also your dealer for quality storage cabinets and lockers as well. Most of our storage cabinets and lockers are in stock for immediate delivery!!

We are your dock board source, please call us at 800-209-8798 and let us prove our value.

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